What services do I offer?

One-on-one guided listening sessions

Introductory and advanced Focusing Workshops

Guided  Focusing sessions for experienced Focusers

Further Professional training in Focusing (coming soon)

Mentoring for Focusing Certification Teachers in Training

One-on-One Sessions

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or are overwhelmed? In One-on-One  sessions I help you develop a new relationship with your inner world by these guided Focusing sessions. You may feel a deeper connection to yourself in these sessions that is sometimes missing in our lives.  You might get a sense of “hearing” parts of you that need to be heard.

I will gently guide you through the Experiential Focusing process and assist you in being with something that wants your attention, or you can invite a specific issue that is troubling you.  Generally – together we can be with things that are harder to be with on ones own.

• Get beyond feeling stuck on your life’s path.
• Discover new ways of being with old patterns.
• Connect deeply with yourself.
• Learn to be with what you feel underneath your emotions
• Make contact with bodily felt senses, that can help release new energy and add richness to your life.
• Learn a skill that you can take with you for the rest of your life.


1 hour one-on-one guided Experiential Focusing session 95 Euros/ £78 / $100 USD

Payment can be made by PayPal, Zelle, or in Canada – by e-transfer.


I offer co-mentoring for students studying to become Certified Experiential Focusing Professionals.


I am a long time Focuser – with more than 20 years of study, practice, teaching and LIVING Focusing in all aspects life –  be it yoga, art, design,  or teaching Experiential Focusing itself as well as long time Experiential Focusing partnerships and therapy.  I will continue to be a student of Experiential Focusing and the body forever.

I love being in the role of co-mentor or mentor.  Offering a way to support students to find their own Focusing voice and a way to live their Focusing in their lives.  It is an honor to be part of this growth process.

For me mentoring is about helping you on your path, to find what brings the most life forward steps on your journey. Helping to shine a light on what you want to offer  – more clearly.

As your co-mentor I will help strengthen your own relationship with Focusing and assist enabling you to model this to your students.



Most sessions are held online using the ZOOM platform.